Walls for Winter Program

How to help

The Walls for Winter program provides insulated pet shelters and straw to residents in rural communities that otherwise would not be able to provide warm shelter for their pets. This program includes providing Spay-Neuter-Return of owned pets.

Provide Pet Shelter Building Materials

  • Lumber: 1×4’s – 8′ studs – spruce; 2x4s – 8’ studs – spruce; 2x4s – 8’ studs – pressure treated spruce; 4’x8’ – 3/8” plywood – spruce; and 4’x8’ – 1/2” plywood – spruce
  • Insulation: Rockwool R6 1.5”
  • Fasteners: 1.5” course outdoor wood screws and 3.5” course outdoor wood screws
  • Other materials: exterior paint, liquid rubber (roof sealer), 3” hinges, and straw

How to help

  • Donate to this program
  • Donate gift cards to stores that sell the supplies listed above
  • Become a Walls for Winter Corporate Sponsor

Become a Builder

Are you interested in helping to build pet shelters? We welcome anyone who can thinks they can follow a plan to join us with our shelter builds!

Thank You to our Walls for Winter Supporters, Details Insulation and the Fort Saskatchewan Historical Society.

Details Insulation spray foams the floor of every shelter at no cost to SCARS. This makes the shelters even warmer!

We are very grateful for this ongoing support!

How to help:

If you (or your company) are interested in helping us build shelters, send an email to scars@scarscare.ca

Deliver Pet Shelters

We need volunteers to help us deliver the shelters. Once the shelters are constructed or donated they need to be delivered to the home that needs it most. This is a commitment of six plus hours and we especially need people who are available during working hours Monday to Friday.

Become a SCARS volunteer Driver

For more information, please contact 780-466-SCAR(7227) or email scars@scarscare.ca

Thank you to all of our supporters for helping us make this program successful.


Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors