March 2022… Heroes and Miracles. It is a miracle I am alive and I owe it all to a group of people who would say they were just doing their job. They are, however, true rescue heroes. Olaf here. I was found alone in the bitter cold, mostly frozen, clinging to life. I was taken to our friends at Westlock Vet Center. My situation was grave and the discussion centered around likelihood of survival, quality of life, and whether the best decision was a humane end to my suffering. I wasn’t ready to let go of this world. As they warmed me up and carefully examined me, I let all those kind humans know, as best I could, that I was ready to fight for my survival if they would just give me a chance. As grim as it looked, as injured as I was, they saw the tenacity of my heart and knew they needed to try their best to give me my chance. It has been weeks of care, of doubt, of struggle, hope, and celebration. I sure didn’t come out of it unscathed – my ears, my toes, one leg all lost to frostbite. My tail, too will be amputated, but you know what the cold couldn’t take… my spirit, my purrs, or my joy. I know it took a very special and talented team of vets, health techs, and veterinary assistants to walk me home, but look at me today. Healthy and healed enough to go to a foster home. Heroes and miracles, I am proof they exist. Thank you Westlock Veterinary Staff, you are amazing day in and day out, bringing the very best to those that need you the most.